Why move to Discord?

Our group, like many others in Brisbane/SEQ, has moved from Facebook Messenger to Discord. But why use an app that so many are unfamiliar with?

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1. Chat size

This is the biggest one! Facebook Messenger has a limit of 250 members in a group chat. Discord is unlimited! The PoGo Sunnybank Discord Server has over 500 members - double the limit in Facebook Messenger.

2. Multiple rooms/channels

In Discord, we can separate types of conversations into different rooms, called "channels". We have one channel for raid coordination and another for general conversation (called the lounge). We have channels for research task reports, nest reports, trading, etc. Having these in separate channels means that our messages won't disappear as people coordinate raids.

You can adjust notification settings for each channel. For example, if you're only interested in raiding, turn on notifications for the raid channel only. If you're hunting an elusive research task, turn on notifications for the research reports channel.

3. PokeNav Bot

Here's where Discord really shines. Our group, like many other SEQ groups, uses the PokeNav Bot. This allows the following:

4. Other funtionality

With the availability of other "bots" and tools, additional functionality can be added to Discord. For example, we have a game-news channel that automatically posts tweets from various official and unofficial twitter sources plus "hot" posts from The Silph Road on Reddit to provide the latest games news, research, speculation and leaks.


Why "force" people to move?

Why can't some people just stay on Messenger? Well they could - but as more people move to Discord and more people join Discord, these people might miss out. It also causes confusion and difficulty with coordinating raids. The real question is, considering Discord is just another chat app that offers so much more, why wouldn't people be willing to use it?

Who made you the boss?

Nobody. Discord/chat admins are Pokemon Go trainers, just like you. They love the game. They want everyone else to be able to enjoy the game just as much as them - so much so that they're willing to give their time (and often money) to support other trainers in the best way possible. They get nothing in return. They certainly don't deserve personal attacks when they make decisions that some people don't like.

What's stopping me from creating another Messenger chat?

Nothing. However, if you want the group to stay together without fracturing, you might want to think twice before taking this action. The most successful social groups (Pokemon or otherwise) stick together and work through their differences for the benefit of the whole group.